** Sporty & Affordable Catamaran 'BAD DOG' **


This sporty catamaran is the fleet’s affordable sailing option, but perhaps also the most exhilarating! This charter option is best suited for budget-minded families or small groups seeking front row seats to the action. Agility and a touch of adventure-loving tenacity & attitude required for this boat in comparison to the other boats in our fleet. This is an almost 30’ version of a performance beach catamaran featured in world class sailing and racing. No Frills = High Thrills.


‘BAD DOG’ Features & Considerations Include:

  • Shaded cockpit seating and fun trampoline for sunbathing.

  • Pay ONLY for what you use only: À la carte, for-purchase drinks/snacks/gear for use and/or consumption while on any trip.

  • Requires agility and open mind to basic comforts (NO BATHROOM). This requires special acknowledgement consent when booking online.

  • Boat embarkation/boarding via beach or small ladder requiring nominal strength and flexibility.

  • Perfect for learn-to-sail enthusiasts, small families desiring front row action seats.

  • Public trip max 8 adults or up to 10 as a mix of adults & children. Private trips 8 adults or combo of up to 10 if most are small children.

  • US Waters itineraries on ‘BAD DOG’ with exceptions made for occasional private JVD trips booked with captain approval within 2 days of weather contingent departure.

‘BAD DOG’ Rates

Sail-Only (1.5 hours):

Some departures from Cruz Bay and some from the Westin Beach in Great Cruz Bay

  • 8:30AM - 10AM $49/Adult $39/Child under 12 Private: $300/6

  • 10:30AM - 12PM $59/Adult $49/Child under 12 Private: $350/6

  • 1:00PM - 2:30PM $69/Adult $59/Child under 12 Private: $400/6

  • 3:00PM - 4:30PM $69/Adult $59/Child under 12 Private: $400/6

Half Day Snorkel Sail Excursion:

3 Hour Excursion: 1 hour sail, 1 hour snorkel, 1 hour sail. Max 8 Pax and minimum 6 to sail on public excursions.

  • 8:30AM - 11:30AM:

    • $69/Adult

    • $59/Child under 12

    • Private: $425/up to 6 pax + $60/pax 7-10

  • 12:30PM - 3:30PM:

    • $79/Adult

    • $69/Child under 12

    • Private: $475/ up to 6 pax + $70/P 7-10

Sunset Sail Excursion:

  • Rates for max 8 Pax (Minimum 6 on public excursions):

    • $69/Adult

    • $59/Child under 12

    • Private: $425/up to 6 pax + $60/pax 7-10



Salty Dog Day Sails offers the most affordable sailing options for budget-conscious sailing guests in the USVI. In order to keep trips economically friendly, but still viable for our business, we’ve created a pay-for-use pricing structure for ‘BAD DOG’ only—just like going to the pool or movie theater snack bar and paying for drinks/snacks/rental gear or flying Spirit Airlines and buying a drink combo! That way your seat on the boat is a set, low fee and you can customize your experience with extras however it makes sense for you, your group and your wallet!


Rates are for boat seat ticket only. Beverages/snacks/snorkel gear/lunch (if applicable) available for CASH purchase only. You may pay for these items in cash once on the boat or during the booking process. Your choice! NO COOLERS PLEASE.

  • Snorkel Gear $5/set

  • Drinks: Soda/$2 Beer/$3 RumPunch/$3

  • Drink Pass: $6/p half day —or— $12/p full day (purchased at time of booking)

  • Snorkel Gear & Drink Pass Combo: $10 half day —or— $15 full day. (purchased at time of booking)


  • Suggested hospitality & service industry standard gratuity not included in rates, but 20% is automatically added to private trips and groups of 6 or more and appreciated from all guests.


  • Requires agility and open mind to basic comforts (NO BATHROOM). This requires special acknowledgement consent when booking online.

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*****FULL DAY ‘BAD DOG’ Trips*****

We are not currently offering full day trips for public excursions, despite having the p/p rates listed below. We will book full day private trips only with acknowledgement that there is NO BATHROOM aboard and that the itineraries are weather-contingent, so mostly are “opened to book’ on our live availability calendar within 48 hours of departure only for private trips:

National Park Full Day Snorkel Sail:

10:00AM - 4:00PM (6 Hour) Sailing & Snorkeling Excursion. 8 Pax Max Public & 10 Max Private. Minimum 6 to make public trip sail.

  • Rates:

    • $130/Adult

    • $120/Child under 12

    • Private: $725/4 + $75/p guests 5-10

Neighboring Cays & PizzaPi Snorkel Sail:

10:30AM - 3:00PM (4.5 Hour) Sailing & Snorkeling Excursion. 8 Pax Max Public & 10 Max Private. Minimum 6 to make a public trip sail.

  • Rates:

    • $120/Adult

    • $110/Child under 12

    • Private: $650/up to 4 pax + $70/p guests 5-10

JVD-BVI Full Day:

9AM - 4PM (7 Hour Excursion). NOT AVAILABLE TO BOOK IN ADVANCE as this trip sails only in winds less than 15kt. Please do not call or email to inquire as we will open up the online calendar to book 48 hours in advance of any suitable departures. Keep checking back for sailing dates! 8 Pax Max Public & 10 Pax Max Private.

  • Rates:

    • $150/Adult

    • $140/Child under 12

    • Private: $725/up to 4 passengers +$75/p guests 7-10

      Passports Required. Offered on calendar by real-time weather opportunity only—No pre-booking.