This sporty catamaran is the fleet’s affordable sailing option, but perhaps also the most exhilarating! This charter option is best suited for budget-minded families or small groups seeking front row seats to the action. Agility and a touch of tenacity required for this boat in comparison to the other boats in our fleet. This is an almost 30’ version of a performance beach catamaran featured in world class sailing and racing. No Frills = High Thrills.


‘BAD DOG’ considerations include:

  • Shaded cockpit seating and fun trampoline for sunbathing.

  • Pay for what you use only: À la carte, for purchase drinks/snacks/gear for use and/or consumption while on any trip.

  • Requires agility and open mind to basic comforts (emergency-only porta-potty).

  • Boat embarkation/boarding via beach or small ladder requiring nominal strength and flexibility.

  • Perfect for learn-to-sail enthusiasts, small families desiring front row action seats.

  • Public trip max 6 adults. Private trips 6 adults or combo of up to 10 if most are small children.

  • US Waters itineraries only with exceptions made for private trips booked with captain approval within 2 days of weather contingent departure.


  • 1.5 hour sail 8:30-10:00 $49/Adult $39/Child under 10 Private: $350/6

  • 1.5 hour sail 10:30-12 $59/Adult $49/Child under 10 Private: $420/6

  • Half Day AM 8:30-11:30 $59/Adult $49/Child under 10 Private: $420/6

  • Half Day PM 12:30-3:30 $69/Adult $59/Child under 10 Private: $490/6

  • Sunset 5-6:30* $69/Adult $59/Child under 10 Private: $490/6

  • US Natl Park 10:00-4:00 $125/Adult $115/Child under 10 Private: $875/6

  • US PizzaPi 10:00-4:00 $125/Adult $115/Child under 10 Private: $875/6

  • JVD-BVI 9:00-4:00 $125/Adult $115/Child under 10 Private: $875/6

  • HOURLY RENTAL 200/hr for up to 6 guests for extra hours or odd hours not part of normal itinerary offering. 2 hour minimum.

Rates are for boat ticket only—beverages/snacks/snorkel gear/lunch if applicable available for purchase only. Suggested hospitality & service industry standard gratuity not included in rates, but automatically added to private trips and groups of 6 or more.